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StubHub was just fined $1.3 million in Canada for misleading ticket sales

StubHub is facing a whopping $1.3 million fine for what the Canadian Competition Bureau calls "misleading pricing claims."

On Thursday, the Bureau said that "StubHub advertised tickets at unattainable prices on its websites, mobile apps and in promotional emails to Canadians."

Customers on StubHub looking for concert and game tickets were often surprised by additional fees that were revealed only at later stages of the purchasing process.

In some cases, even StubHub users who filtered results to see the total fees were still asked to pay more at check-out.

"Prices advertised online for event tickets should reflect the true cost of buying those tickets," said Canada’s Commissioner of Competition. "The Bureau is committed to challenging false or misleading pricing claims in the digital economy."

StubHub will now ensure that ticket prices "include all mandatory fees throughout the purchasing process."

The agreement is binding for at least 10 years.

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