Tyendinaga blockade

Protesters try to derail and set fire to train rolling through Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Early Wednesday, protestors set fire to a freight train passing through Indigenous territory.

Ontario Provincial Police say the protestors lit tires on fire after a train moved through Tyendinaga Mohawk territory this morning, forcing a second train to come to a stop.

After the first train safely passed through, protestors lit a pallet and tossed it under a second train.

The train passed through the smoke while Ontario police officers monitored the situation from a raised platform.

Tyendinaga Mohawk officials told CN Rail that they would not allow any trains to pass until RCMP officially vacated Wet'suwet'en land in British Columbia.

Despite the RCMP promising to do so, B.C. police are still presently occupying the site.

With Justin Trudeau officially giving the go-ahead for police to tear down the rail blockades, Ontario Police stormed Tyendinaga Mohawk territory on Monday.

Officers tore down the blockade and arrested ten protestors.

On Sunday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh anticipated the guerilla arson, warning Canadians that taking police action against protestors would only escalate the situation.

Singh said, "Reports that police are moving in on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory are incredibly troubling. Police action is not the way to de-escalate this."

"Justin Trudeau's reckless comments and refusal to meet are making this situation worse."

With counter-protests now gaining momentum across Canada, tension over the railway blockades is escalating at a concerning speed.

On today's incident, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said, "I think that's terribly unsafe and inappropriate, but again the police of jurisdiction are managing that and that's their responsibility."

"We would encourage everyone to obey the law and be safe."

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