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Air Canada pilot gives emotional message during final flight after 40 years

An Air Canada pilot is melting hearts across the country with his emotional retirement message this week.

Captain Blair Wiseman ended his 40-year career by giving an inspiring thank-you and welcome home over the loudspeaker to Canadians flying from Morocco to Montreal.

He said, "It is truly a privilege and an honour, really, to bring you home to Canada."

Wiseman extended a heartfelt thank-you to the flight attendants and pilots — both on and off the flight — that have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring Canadians home.

Speaking of his crew, Wiseman said, "They represent the very best of Air Canada. In fact, they've all volunteered to do more of these flights, and they don't have to. It's not required. But it's just who they are; they want to bring Canadians home to be safe with their families."

The speech was particularly emotional, considering that it's Wiseman's last message before he hangs up his wings.

"I'm anticipating that this will likely be my very last flight after forty years," he said, "so it's an extra special honour and privilege for me to be bringing you from Casablanca all the way home to Canada."

"Stay safe. Safe healthy. And welcome home."

Canadians are already cheering for healthcare workers from their balconies, but let's make sure that we're cheering for our pilots and flight attendants, too.

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