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Air Transat says three airline employees have tested positive for COVID-19

Officials of the Canadian airline, Air Transat, have confirmed that two flight attendants and one pilot within the company have tested positive for COVID-19.

Vice-president of human resources and public affairs, Christophe Hennebelle, tells CTV News that two of these employees are from Quebec and one is from Ontario. 

According to Hennebelle, it's undetermined how these individuals contracted the virus. 

“It is impossible to know with certainty what the source of contamination is, whether it was on a plane, at a stopover or in Canada.”

As well, 150 flight attendants and 30 pilots are currently in quarantine, which is down from the previous 300. This high number is due to suspected cases of the virus on various Air Transat flights. 

Hennebelle explains when there is a suspected case of the virus on a flight, all employees are immediately isolated.

He also says all those who could've come in contact with the individuals who have tested positive, fellow employees or otherwise, have already been advised by public health agencies and have also been advised to self-isolate. 

Just last week it was announced that Air Transat would be laying off 70 per cent of its workforce in Canada amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, affecting 3,600 employees. All flights will be cancelled as of April. 

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