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Alberta is shutting down tons of provincial parks because of budget cuts

Alberta is officially making closures to 20 parks across the province due to budget cuts.

The province will close 11 parks entirely, while nine will be open for Canadians to visit, but stripped of funded services like garbage collection. Another 164 parks are to be handed over to third parties.

The total amount of land affected is about 16,000 hectares.

Major parks impacted include Bow Valley Provincial Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, and Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Park.

Cross-country skiers will also be disappointed to hear that Alberta will no longer be grooming major skiing routes, including Peter Lougheed, Mt. Shark and Kananaskis Village area.

Camping will also become more expensive, with prices rising by an extra $3 for the base camping rate and by $10 for some group camping sites in summer 2020.

Naturally, many Canadians are upset about the government's decision.

Some people are encouraging their fellow Albertans to write a letter to their local MLA.

While others are considering just throwing in the towel altogether.

Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon called for calm, reminding Canadians that only 0.3% of Alberta's total park area will be affected by the changes.

Although Nixon couldn't resist a dig at environmental groups, who he blames for inflaming the "hysteria."

The United Conservative government says closing the parks will save Alberta $5 million.

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Dinosaur Provincial Park

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