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A neighbourhood in Canada just made their own epic drive-thru safari

In the ultimate strategy to stave off boredom after self-isolating for days on end, a neighbourhood in Canada has created an epic drive-through safari.

The Calgary community of Evanston decked out their windows and doors with cut-out giraffes, plush toy monkeys, impressive underwater displays and more.

Speaking to CBC Calgary, local Kaylee Davies said that the window walk (or drive) has helped the community stay together during a time of social distancing.

"It has made the community one giant family that is staying two metres away from each other. But still so close and connected," she said.

According to Davies, about 250 people have already visited Evanston to complete the epic family-friendly safari.

The neighbours rotate the decorations every few days; past window displays include shamrocks for St Patrick's Day, hearts, smiley faces and rainbows.

This week's theme — "Animals" — was inspired by the Evanston community's love for the Calgary Zoo, which recently closed due to COVID-19.

"It was incredible to see," Davies said, speaking about the window walk. "The kids were all so happy!"

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Kaylee Davies & Evanston neighbours

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