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Canada Post workers ask the public to disinfect mailboxes and keep dogs inside

While most of us are sequestered in our homes, a select few brave souls are keeping the world running by doing the very essential tasks of taking care of the ill, keeping our neighbourhoods safe (and clean) and providing us with groceries.

There are also those making sure we get our much-needed packages and letters delivered, who are now facing a surge in the number of deliveries and a new set of workplace hazards.

Though Canada Post has reduced its hours and is employing new social distancing measures (such as a new "knock, drop and go" delivery strategy) many postal service workers are still feeling understandably nervous on the job amid the global pandemic, and they're asking for help from the public to ensure their health and safety.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is requesting that residents do their best to wash and disinfect things like mailboxes, handrails and other surfaces that those delivering their mail may touch, and also to keep a safe distance from all workers and avoid personally greeting them.

It is also asking that people do their due diligence to keep their pets inside and away from the front door during deliveries, as that old myth about dogs hating postal workers apparently has some truth to it. 

Canada post told the Canadian Press that "the number of interactions between postal carriers and dogs has been increasing" now that people are home at all hours of the day to accept packages, which raises the risk of dog bites and makes social distancing more difficult.

As workers' concerns grow, an online petition asking Canada Post to implement additional safety measures for its employees, as well as better communication around these safety measures, has garnered nearly 10,000 signatures. 

Four postal workers across the country have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.

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