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Canada Post is no longer guaranteeing on-time delivery because of COVID-19

If you planned to online shop during self-isolation, there's some bad news for you: Canada Post is no longer guaranteeing on-time delivery because of COVID-19.

On March 18, the country's primary postal service announced that it would be suspending its On-Time Delivery Guarantees indefinitely due to "potential impacts related to our local facilities and air transportation" as a result of the virus.

The news comes just three days after Canada Post announced it would be making major adjustments to its parcel delivery service.

Those adjustments include scrapping signatures for parcels, which will eliminate the need for scanners and stylus pens to be passed back and forth between courier and customer.

Instead, Canada Post will either drop a parcel on the doorstep, or leave "a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity."

Unfortunately, this means many Canadians won't be receiving their mail on time — and even worse, immunocompromised Canadians, elderly citizens and other vulnerable groups will have to trek to a busy post office if they can't get someone else to pick their parcel up.

Still, Canadians are taking Canada Post's latest update on package delays with characteristic humour and good cheer.

Canada Post thanked Canadians for their understanding.

"Like many of you, during this difficult period we are working hard to keep our operations running while also protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers," the press release says.

"We will strive as best we can to meet our delivery standards."

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