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Calls for Canada to stop flights from countries affected by coronavirus are getting louder

As Canada's number of coronavirus cases grows, more people than ever before are urging the country to ban flights from affected places altogether.

As of March 2, there have been 80,000+ reported cases of coronavirus spread across 60+ countries; China, Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan are considered to be the most high-risk areas.

Air Canada has already cancelled all flights to China, but it has yet to introduce travel restrictions for any other country.

Still, many Canadians feel that airlines — and the government — should be doing more. And with at least 10 of the total 27 coronavirus cases in Canada originating in Iran, cries for flight bans have only been growing.

However, the Iran situation is complex; after the two countries broke off diplomatic relations in 2012, there have been no direct flights between Iran and Canada.

As a result, Canada would have to work with countries such as France, the Netherlands and Spain to prevent Iranian passengers from travelling into the country — a task that simply isn't feasible.

But Iran isn't the only country that Canadians are concerned about; many citizens want flights from Italy suspended, too.

While others are more concerned about South Korea.

Some are even calling for U.S. flights to be restricted, considering that the CDC has tested less than 500 people for coronavirus so far.

In comparison, British Columbia alone has tested more than 1000 people for the virus.

Considering that Air Canada has already lost $200 million due to coronavirus, it seems unlikely that the airline will want to cancel flights from Italy or Iran any time soon.

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