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Canadian company will send a greeting card to a front line worker on your behalf for free

It's no secret that we owe many thanks to the front line workers that are constantly putting themselves at risk in order to provide essential services throughout this pandemic, and one Canadian card company is making it easier than ever to express that gratitude. 

Mark It Proud is a Canadian company that normally produces LGBTQ cards, pins, tats and tees. But considering the current circumstances, they're temporarily shifting their focus. 

The company posted on Instagram Wednesday morning that they will now be sending one personalized thank you card per day to a front line worker on behalf of anyone that requests one, completely free of charge. 

"Sitting at home with a wee bit of free time on our hands and a whole lot of blank greeting cards got us thinking," they wrote.

"Aside from staying home and practicing social distancing, what can we do to help support the real-life heroes who are making a difference? Here's what we've come up with: we want to start sending one THANK YOU card a day to Canada's essential front line workers."

The Instagram post explains that anyone who wants to can simply go to their website and choose a card. Then you can either DM or email them the name of the card as well as the name of the person it should be sent to, the message they should include and the shipping address — which can be anywhere in Canada. 

They'll then write out the message verbatim and send it for free on your behalf.

And if you want to participate in expressing your thanks but don't know who to send it to, the company says they'll happily send a card to a nurse's station, a doctor's office, a hospital, a grocery store or anywhere else where those on the front line are heroically working.

"We are also happy to send you a blank card if you'd like to hand it to a front line worker yourself or give your kids an activity to do!" they added.

"If they're on the front line, we want to thank them."

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