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Flights from Canada to Japan are now super cheap because of coronavirus fears

If you've ever wanted to marvel at Mount Fuji and try authentic sushi, now is your chance — thanks to coronavirus, flights from Canada to Japan are cheaper than ever before.

Typically, a round-trip flight from Toronto to Tokyo will cost you upwards of $1,000 in April. Now, you can purchase it for under $500.

Similarly, flights to Tokyo from other Canadian cities will currently cost you about half the price of a regular ticket including Vancouver ($600), Calgary ($526), Montreal ($437) and Ottawa ($587).

Considering that the flight time from Canada to Tokyo is almost 13 hours, that's a pretty good deal — but it's not hard to guess why flights are so affordable right now.

Japan currently has 233 cases of coronavirus, and nearly all prefectures are shutting schools until April to prevent further spread.

Although Canada has only issued a travel advisory to China, government officials are still warning Canadians to "practise special precautions" when travelling to Japan, including avoiding large crowds, washing your hands, and avoiding sick individuals.

Similarly, Air Canada has only cancelled flights to China thus far — but many Canadians are urging airlines to cancel flights to more high-risk zones, including Japan.

Still, if you're willing to risk the trip to Japan, then there really is no cheaper time to visit — and April is the best time to visit to see the cherry blossoms bloom.

If you do visit Japan, Canadian officials are asking that you monitor your symptoms for 14 days after your return, and to self-isolate if you experience a fever, cough, or any difficulty breathing.

As of March 2, there are 27 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada.

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