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Coronavirus cases spike in cities across Canada as situation worsens globally

There are now 67 coronavirus cases in Canada — a notable increase from the 51 cases reported prior to the weekend.

As of March 9, Ontario has reported 32 cases of coronavirus, British Columbia has reported 27 cases, and Alberta and Quebec have both reported four cases each.

Only 62 cases have been confirmed by the Winnipeg lab, while the other five cases are considered presumptive.

The rise in weekend cases is primarily due to new cases in Alberta — three of which are tied to a trip on the Grand Princess cruise ship to Mexico in mid-February — as well as an outbreak of the virus at a B.C. long-term care facility.

Most of Canada's cases originated in hotspots like China, Iran or Italy.

Other places where the disease was contracted include: Las Vegas, Colorado, Germany, Washington, France, India, Grand Princess cruises, and local transmission in the B.C. community.

More than 230 Canadians are also currently stranded aboard a Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California that's under quarantine.

Fortunately, Canada announced that it has chartered a plane to fly the stranded Canadians to the air force base in Trenton.

Coronavirus cases have now reached over 110,000 worldwide, impacting 85+ countries. The World Health Organization labelled the virus a global health emergency, although Canadian health officials say that the risk to Canada is low.

The U.S. has reported 500 cases and 22 deaths, although Canada has only advised against travel to Iran and China so far.

Air Canada has cancelled all flights to China due to coronavirus and is giving full refunds to passengers, but has yet to offer refunds to other hotspots such as Japan, Iran or Italy.

Global stocks crashed on Monday partly due to coronavirus panic. Coffee giant Tim Hortons has officially cancelled Roll Up the Rim cups, while Collision — Toronto's major tech conference — will be moving online this year.

Worried Canadians have also cleaned out Costco in their quest to stockpile supplies; stores of toilet paper and medical supplies are particularly at risk of becoming majorly depleted.

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer reminded Canadians travelling for March break to keep informed on travel destinations, practice good hygiene and hand washing, and to monitor symptoms upon their return.

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