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There are now 51 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada

Canada has now confirmed 51 coronavirus cases in the country.

Ontario has 26 cases of coronavirus, B.C. has 21 cases, Quebec has three cases and Alberta has one.

Most of Canada's cases originated in hotspots like China, Iran or Italy; the notable exceptions are the Ontario case that originated in Las Vegas and a B.C. case that was transmitted locally in the community.

Coronavirus has infected over 100,000 people in 85+ countries around the world. The World Health Organization labelled the virus a global health emergency, although Canadian health officials say that the risk to Canada is low.

The Canadian government has also officially advised against all travel to China and Iran. Air Canada has cancelled all flights to and from China, but has yet to do so for any other country — a fact that has many Canadians up-in-arms.

But it's not just Canada's travel industry that's suffering; many other companies have been forced to adjust operations due to the growing spread of coronavirus.

Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons is delaying its Roll Up the Rim contest, while Collision — Toronto's major tech conference — will be moving online this year.

Panicked Canadians have also been cleaning out major shops such as Costco and Walmart in their quest to stockpile supplies.

Stores of toilet paper and medical supplies are particularly at risk of becoming majorly depleted.

Fortunately, there are multiple laboratories around the world developing coronavirus vaccines, including a lab in Saskatoon; experts estimate that a treatment may be available as soon as April.

Canada has also pledged a whopping $27 million that will go towards finding a cure for coronavirus.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also established a new Cabinet committee that exists solely to tackle the virus.

In the meantime, Canadians are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, refrain from touching their faces, and avoid large crowds where possible.

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