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Women are still paid far less than men in Canada according to new study

Women in Canada are still paid a quarter less than men, according to a recent study by ADP Canada.

The Workplace Insights Study found that women earn 24 per cent less than their male counterparts, making an average of $51,352 per annum; men, in contrast, earn an average of $67,704.

But that's not all — in terms of additional compensation (e.g. bonuses, profit sharing), Canadian men are given more than double what women receive.

Natalka Haras, Legal Counsel at ADP Canada, said, "A substantial compensation gap persists between men and women in Canada –a gap that doesn’t entail salary alone."

"For organizations to succeed in attracting and retaining the very best of workers, they will need to be transparent and take the proactive steps."

The study also found that women are much more likely to take parental leave than men (42 per cent vs 16 per cent), which — as the Canadian government has acknowledged — could hinder their promotional opportunities at work.

So can Canadian companies achieve gender pay equality?

Male survey respondents were more optimistic, with over half saying that equal pay will be achieved soon; unsurprisingly, women were more sceptical, with only 40 per cent agreeing equality will be achieved while they're still in the workforce.

Fortunately, there are signs that the wage gap may lessen in the future; according to the survey, almost half of millennials will switch employers if they find out pay equity isn't being achieved.

Similarly, Canada's Pay Equity Act — which passed in December 2018 — will require all federal employers with 10 or more employees to ensure that men and women receive equal pay for work of equal value once it comes into effect.

Notably, however, the Act only affects about six percent of the workforce; the other 94 per cent of jobs would be subject to local laws.

And with Canadian women still taking on more household chores than their male counterparts, it seems there's still plenty of work to do towards achieving gender equality.

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