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Jagmeet Singh is calling for paid sick leave across Canada

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is now calling for paid sick leave in Canada as the number of novel coronavirus cases soars past 118.

On Wednesday morning, Justin Trudeau unveiled a $1 billion economic package that will combat coronavirus by funding vaccine research, provincial healthcare and Employment Insurance.

Still, Singh feels that the Liberals aren't doing enough.

Singh wrote, "The majority of workers - 60% - won’t be helped by today’s Liberal announcement on COVID19."

"Other countries have found a way to give people paid sick leave so they can stay home," he said. "Canada must do better."

Federal government officials are adamantly encouraging Canadians to stay home if they feel ill — but whether workers are entitled to paid sick days depends on their circumstances.

Canadian workers' paid sick leave is influenced by whether they're a federal employee, if they're unionized or not, what province or territory they live in and their employment status.

Trudeau's economic package includes $5 million to speed up the Employment Insurance process. This will include waiving the one-week waiting period.

Some companies, like Uber and Lyft, have taken matters into their own hands and are vowing to pay employees who have to take time off due to the novel illness. But, Canada has yet to guarantee paid sick leave for all workers amid the pandemic.

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