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Justin Trudeau speaking to Canada each day is now must-see TV for the entire country

In the wake of the great uncertainty and unease that has come with the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic, Canadians have found a sliver of solace in something that has become an integral part of our new routines: the near-daily press conferences from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

For weeks now, Trudeau has appeared in front of Rideau Cottage in Ottawa almost every day to update the country on the COVID-19 situation, even when there is not much new news to share — and residents across the country, often whether they support him or not, have found the appearances quite a comfort during these times.

Many find Trudeau's presence, which is broadcasted across news networks and social media, to be extremely calming and his reassurances to be an example of good leadership under some very difficult circumstances.

"Lots of people are worried. I hear that," Trudeau said in his March 26 presser. "I want you to know that your government is going to help you and your family get through this... Stay tuned, and know that we're here for you."

He's used these conferences to announce the real steps the federal government is taking to help citizens who are struggling right now, such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, the move to cover  75 per cent of payroll for small businesses, efforts to help develop a COVID-19 vaccine and billions of aid and other supports for Canadians.

He's also used them to remind Canadians the ways that they can help "plank the curve" and prevent the spread of the communicable disease each day, like staying isolated and washing our hands.

Many are contrasting his soothing presence to the conferences held by U.S. President Donald Trump, which have been boastful and self-absorbed, full of misinformation and even volatile.

Viewers and listeners have, for this reason, found Trudeau's appearances to be a source of national pride, indicative of how well Canada is handling this trying time compared to other parts of the world, such as the U.S.

Hopefully, the country will continue to heed Trudeau's advice to "wash our hands, stay home as much as possible and keep a safe distance from each other when we go for a walk or when we have to go to the grocery store," as he said on the steps of Rideau Cottage on Friday before adding "Together, I know we're going to get through this."

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