air canada coronavirus policy

People are saying Air Canada's coronavirus policy is not good enough

Air Canada's coronavirus policy is coming under fire from Canadians demanding full refunds for their tickets to coronavirus hotspots like Japan and Italy.

The airline's policy states that it will give full refunds to passengers booked for travel to Beijing, Shanghai or Wuhan, but passengers travelling elsewhere are out of luck.

Air Canada is also allowing passengers travelling to Italy, Japan, South Korea and Iran to rebook their flights free of charge.

However, passengers have to rebook by May or June — a timeline that simply isn't feasible for many people.

Many Canadians are accusing the airline of simply having a goodwill policy as a "PR strategy."

And others are accusing the airline of valuing "money over people's lives."

Some people are even calling the policy a "death trap."

And with Italy placing 60 million people on lockdown, many Canadians are questioning why passengers flying to Italy aren't entitled to full refunds.

Air Canada has already taken a $200 million hit as a result of coronavirus, so it makes sense that the airline is reluctant to offer customers full refunds as part of its coronavirus policy.

But with 77 coronavirus cases in Canada — many of which are linked to international travel — it seems that the airline may not have a choice for long.

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