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People in Canada have started a boycott against Giant Tiger

People in Canada are now boycotting Giant Tiger after MP Scott Reid — whose family owns the discount chain — stalled Canada's $82B economic aid package in the House of Commons.

On Tuesday afternoon, 32 members reconvened to give Trudeau's COVID-19 economic package the green light.

Reid, however, defied Conservative party orders and made a surprise appearance at the HOC after releasing an essay on why he could not allow the package to go ahead.

Now, the House of Commons is suspended with no clear decision on the economic package in sight.

And as you might expect, Canadians are furious with Reid.

The hashtag #BoycottGiantTiger has already racked up close to 4,000 tweets, with hundreds of Canadians expressing their anger with the Conservative MP.

Some Canadians were polite about the situation.

While others compared Scott Reid and the Conservative party to a "cancer on society."

Some couldn't resist making a joke about the situation.

But others were taking the situation more seriously.

Giant Tiger remains open throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

It was one of the first Canadian stores to offer its employees increased wages by $2 per hour on March 22, followed by Walmart Canada and Dollarama on Tuesday afternoon.

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