coronavirus cases in canada

There are now over 1,000 cases of coronavirus in Canada

There are now over 1,000 coronavirus cases in Canada, as of March 20.

British Columbia has 348 cases, Ontario has 318 cases, Alberta has 195 cases, Quebec has 139 cases, Saskatchewan has 26 cases, Manitoba has 17 cases, Nova Scotia has 15 cases, New Brunswick has 11 cases, Newfoundland has four cases and P.E.I has two cases.

B.C. became the latest province to ban restaurant dining this afternoon, giving strict orders to all restaurants to switch to delivery and take-out only, effective immediately.

Ontario, B.C., Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have all declared a state of emergency, which gives the provincial government power to take extraordinary measures in a time of crisis.

Manitoba became the latest province to declare a state of emergency on Friday afternoon.

Canada will close its borders to all non-essential travel from the U.S., which goes into effect tonight. Trudeau closed the country's borders to almost all international travel, effective Wednesday.

Canadian auto parts companies will also begin making masks, ventilators and other medical supplies in order to avoid a shortage across the country.

In happier news, Canadians continue to take care of each other by delivering homemade meals to their neighbours.

Tim Hortons is also giving away free coffee to healthcare workers, some of whom have even come out of retirement voluntarily to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

And if you want some good news before the weekend, remember that a coronavirus vaccine is already in the testing stages.

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