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Here's the latest travel advisory list from the government of Canada

The travel advisory list from the federal government in Canada is frequently updated these days to keep up to date with the global spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

As cruise ships have seemed to present a particularly favourable environment for the spread of COVID-19 — a number of ships have had to dock and quarantine with hundreds of people on board — Ottawa is officially advising against any and all cruise ship travel.

"Cruise passengers include travellers from around the world who may be arriving from areas with known or unknown spread of COVID-19," the statement from the Public Health Agency of Canada reads. "Recent cruise ship outbreaks of COVID-19 indicate that a large number of individuals onboard can become infected."

As outbreaks continue to grow in number and severity in more than 100 countries worldwide, the Canadian government has provided citizens with new information about affected nations.

It is currently advising against all non-essential travel to China and Italy, and all travel to Iran because of high numbers of cases in these locations — China being the epicentre of the communicable disease, and Italy and Iran being the places with the next-largest outbreaks.

Citizens are being told to "exercise a high degree of caution" if traveling to places like South Korea, France and Japan for the same reason.

News about the heightened travel restrictions that some governments have enacted because of coronavirus has also been announced.

"The Government of Italy has imposed restrictive measures throughout the country to control the spread of the coronavirus disease," the government of Canada's page on travel to Italy reads. "Health screenings are conducted in many locations, including along major highways and transport lines. Further measures may be imposed as the situation evolves."

A new health notice about COVID-19 has also been added for those considering travel to Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as the above mentioned countries. The advisory includes a link to additional information on the virus and the date that large-scale outbreaks began in each country.

The feds have maintained existing warnings to exercise a high degree of caution in countries such as Egypt, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand due to political tensions, civil unrest, threats to security, violent crime, potential terrorism and other risks.

It has also recommended that Canadians avoid all non-essential travel to eight countries including Chad, Congo, Haiti, Nigeria and Pakistan; and to avoid all travel to 13 countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Syria and others in light of the same dangers.

Due to coronavirus concerns, officials are asking that Canadians heading out internationally register with the department of travel and tourism to receive updates regarding COVID-19. Updates are also being provided daily on the official government website and its associated social media accounts.

It's generally not the best time for any type of travel right now, as the country's latest cases of the illness are been in individuals who caught it while on trips overseas.

And with more than 113,000 people total known to be infected so far (more than half of those already recovered, thankfully), avoiding foreign countries and airports full of other international travelers may be best for anyone concerned about the novel virus.

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