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Walmart and Dollarama just decided to give their employees in Canada a pay raise

Walmart Canada and Dollarama just boosted employee pay to thank staff for their hard work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Walmart Canada is pledging to boost all 90,000 worker's salaries by $2 an hour starting April 3 — a move that will cost the company up to $28M in additional expenses.

The retail giant will also reward full-time employees with an additional $200 bonus, while part-time employees will get an extra $100 for their efforts.

Walmart Canada will also offer every employee extra discounts, access to online physicians and two-week replacement pay for employees under mandatory quarantine.

Canadian discount franchise Dollarama is taking similar steps by offering employees across its 1,300 locations a 10 per cent pay increase, effective immediately.

"Our ability to provide everyday essentials to millions of Canadians is only made possible through the hard work of the Dollarama team working in our stores, in our warehouses, and in our distribution centre," CEO Neil Rossy said.

Canada's major grocery stores, including Loblaws, Sobeys and Safeway Canada, are also increasing wages.

Walmart Canada, Dollarama and grocery stores are considered "essential services" by provincial governments, so they will remain open despite Ontario and Quebec shutting most other stores this evening.

Walmart Canada is also hiring an additional 10,000 workers to meet growing customer demand.

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