whales in vancouver

The sighting of whales in Vancouver is bringing joy when it's needed most

Whales have been spotted off the coast of Vancouver, and honestly, it's the good news that everyone needs right now.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Canadians are posting joyful videos of orca whales in the Burrard Inlet. And with more people staying indoors, the happy whales are stretching their flippers and exploring new territory.

North Vancouver councillor Jim Hanson said that this is the first time in 59 years he's seen orcas so far up Indian Arm.

He tweeted, "Apparently the natural world likes the economic slow down."

On Sunday, some brave whales even ventured into the Vancouver float plane terminal — an unusual sight, considering that the terminal is usually filled with loud seaplanes.

And a few eagle-eyed whale watchers have even spotted orcas in Coal Harbour, which is close to downtown Vancouver.

According to CBC, social distancing is leading to less air pollution in cities across the world, which could be a reason for the whales' reappearance in Vancouver.

But whatever the reason, it's nice to have some good news to share this week — especially since the whales are so dang cute.

Canada will also be home to North America's first whale sanctuary, which will see a pod of beluga whales moving into Canadian waters sometime in 2021.

Lead photo by

Mary Pynenburg

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