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The Calgary Stampede is cancelled for the first time in history and Alberta is in mourning

The 2020 Calgary Stampede is officially cancelled for the first time in history, and all of Alberta has gone into mourning.

The annual rodeo event has run for 108 years, including during two World Wars, the Great Depression, and a devastating flood that swept through Calgary in 2013.

The Stampede was set to run from July 3-12 this year.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi expressed his disappointment over the news, saying, "the Stampede is a critical part of who we are as Calgarians."

"For me, riding a horse at the front of the parade is a moment, even with all the people and all the noise, for some introspection on who we are as a community," he said. "I'm sad to not be at my tenth parade this year."

"But we'll dust ourselves off and come back even better. Together."

And Nenshi isn't the only local that's disappointed.

Thousands of Albertans have taken to Twitter to express their sadness over the loss of pancake breakfasts, midway rides, chuckwagons, fireworks, deep-fried oreos, and all of the other iconic things that Stampede has to offer.

In fact, some Albertans are having what can only be described as a minor identity crisis.

Particularly because they've had their cowboy hats and boots ready to go since last August.

And even though the decision to cancel the event is somewhat expected, some Albertans just can't believe it — especially since the Stampede slogan after the flood was "Come Hell or High Water."

Still, one Albertan couldn't resist cracking a joke about the whole situation.

And another Albertan came up with a list of guidelines on how locals can celebrate Stampede in the comfort of their own homes.

The news of Calgary Stampede's cancellation comes just hours after Edmonton announced that two of its biggest summer festivals won't be going ahead this year.

The Calgary Folk Fest is similarly cancelled.

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