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People in Canada are dressing up in the most hilarious costumes to grocery shop

Grocery shopping usually involves jeans, runners and a baseball cap, but people in Canada are making people laugh this week by dressing up in hilarious costumes instead.

And since we're all social distancing at the moment, seeing a gigantic penguin stocking up on papaya truly is the most exciting thing you'll see all week.

This prehistoric treasure was spotted roaming through the aisles of a Costco in Canada.

And it wasn't the only dinosaur on a mission β€” this T-Rex was overseen chowing down on some Nature Valley granola bars.

While this stylish hippo was caught on camera cruising through the meat and poultry aisle of an Ontario grocery store.

This Darth Vader was seen casually buying some pink spring tulips in Toronto, because even intergalactic space villains need some joy in their lives these days.

grocery shop costume

And this majestic unicorn was spotted at a grocery store south of the border, casually checking out during her weekly shop.

Although Canadians have been donning inflatable suits for a while now, they seem to be especially popular as a pseudo-hazmat suit during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Plus, Canadians are making people smile with their costumes. And these days, we could all use a little more of that.

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Elias Puurunen

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