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Canada Post is so busy right now they say it's just like Christmas

Canada Post has become inundated with so many parcels recently it says it's now operating at "Christmas season" levels.

The morbid holiday sentiment comes after Canada Post reported having delivered over 1.8 million packages on Monday alone.

"With many Canadians isolating at home and shopping more online, Canada Post is now processing and delivering parcels at levels only experienced during the busiest weeks of the Christmas season," the crown corporation said in a statement.

The statement says that customers can expect delays for parcel deliveries due to high volumes and the implantation of health and safety measures that may mean longer processing times.

"The heavy incoming parcel volumes, combined with the important safety measures we've implemented in our processing facilities, mean it is taking longer to process," it reads.

"Those measures include physical distancing in facilities that were never designed for keeping people two metres apart."

Canada Post was previously facing concerns among its employees over the lack of safety measures taken.

The company has since taken steps to improve conditions for its workers and customers, including eliminating signatures at the door in favour of "knock, drop and go" and suspending the 15-day hold period so people can pick up parcels when they're ready.

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