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Canada just received more than 11 million masks to fight COVID-19

Canada has received more than 11 million new masks to help fight COVID-19, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Speaking outside of Rideau Cottage in what is becoming Canada's must-see daily event, Trudeau revealed that one million masks arrived at a warehouse in Hamilton, Ont., yesterday.

Trudeau confirmed that the government has received shipments of an additional 10 million masks in recent days, which are already being distributed to the provinces.

The government has also ordered hundreds of thousands of face shields from Bauer, a Canadian hockey manufacturer that has shifted production to start producing medical equipment amidst the pandemic.

When asked if the national stockpile was adequate, Trudeau said, "I think many governments around the world will be reflecting on this issue when we get through this."

He said the focus remains on "ensuring we can deliver the necessary equipment."

Trudeau previously announced on Tuesday that Canada has secured 60 million N95 masks and 157 million surgical masks, which are expected to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Nurses in Ontario say that nine million masks will be required per week to allow health professionals in the province to do their job over the coming months.

And with the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada soaring to 11,000 on Thursday, the equipment is needed urgently.

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