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People in Canada are taking out their trash in the most hilarious outfits

People in Canada are making every day Halloween by donning creative costumes to take out the trash — and some of the photos are unbelievably hilarious.

Australian Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing has turned the weekly trash run into an exciting event, with over one million people worldwide joining in on the fun.

The group's description says, "So basically the bin goes out more than us SO let's dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu... be creative!"

And naturally, Canadians have risen to the challenge in a big way. This couple in Ottawa got creative with a Mad Max-inspired look.

canada trash

Keri Watson

While this couple in Toronto broke out the black tie and red wine to celebrate their daughter's birthday.

canada trash

Rideau Wood

This man in Kelowna, B.C. broke out some truly epic flamingo pyjamas for an eighties-inspired look.

He captioned his photo: "Bin drinking, while I've bin thinking, and bin reliving the 80's."

canada trashWilly Wardell

While this tiger and his little kangaroo (and the kangaroo's even littler kangaroo) were spotted taking out the trash in Ottawa.

canada trash

Rob Harbic

This Hamilton resident was caught taking out the trash in a fluffy pink bathrobe and a hair towel.

The photo is captioned, "Formal wear 2020."

canada trash

Sherie Leyten Eastbury

And this zebra was overseen in Regina, Sask. dressed in a headband, striped onesie, and flipflops — because Canadians consider anything above -5 degrees C to be summer weather, of course.

canada trashDee Grumbo

Canadians are even dressing up for their weekly grocery shop, and there's nothing like spotting a dinosaur stocking up on Brussels sprouts to put a smile on your face.

Keep up the good work, Canada.

Lead photo by

Willy Wardell

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