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Canadian cities are breaking records for cold spring weather

Between the not-so-pleasant weather and, you know, the ongoing pandemic and consequent social and economic impacts, spring hasn't exactly gotten off to the best start in Canada.

Residents of cities coast-to-coast may be finding it a bit easier to stay indoors and socially distance due to some unseasonably disagreeable weather, which has brought chilly temperatures and even flurries to parts of the country that don't normally see such weather in April.

In fact, multiple locales have broken records for the number of consecutive days where temperatures were under 20 C.

This month, Toronto hit more than 200 days in a row with a maximum temperature under 20 C — the longest period of time that cold on record in the city since 1993. And in nearby Hamilton and Barrie, it's been 207 days and 208 days of the same, respectively, with record-breaking winds, to boot.

Residents of Ontario have little reason to complain, though, since Calgary is on its 216th day of the same cold spate, the longest since 1933, and nearby Edmonton one-upped it, with 217 days under 20 C.  Calgary also saw its windiest April day in years last weekend.

Montreal, too, recently saw its longest string of cold days in more than 30 years, hitting 211 days with a maximum thermometer reading below 20 C on Friday.

In other records, Regina just hit its 193rd consecutive day with a minimum temperature under 0 — a run that comes second only to one set 100 years ago — and Vancouver saw its most consecutive April days with less than 1 mm of precipitation, which hasn't happened since the 1950s.

The east coast, by contrast, is getting more snow than usual, with Halifax now on its 15th April day with snow, a top five record since they began documenting.

Of all of the unprecedented stuff that's taken place so far this year, miserable weather in a country notorious for it isn't anywhere near the worst or most shocking — but it definitely feels like the icing on the "WTF, 2020?!" cake.

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