clapping for health care workers

Clapping for healthcare workers will be a lasting memory from the COVID-19 pandemic

There will certainly be many things about the COVID-19 pandemic that we'll aim to forget once life eventually returns to something resembling normal, but daily clapping out of appreciation for healthcare workers won't likely be one of them.

Cities across Canada and all over the world have been partaking in the daily tradition since the public health crisis began, in an attempt to say thank you to the heroes working on the front lines in these terrifying times.

Vancouver was one of the first cities in Canada to participate in the act of appreciation, which started in Europe, but other cities such as Toronto and Montreal have followed suit. 

At some point between 7 and 8 p.m., whenever the hospital shift change happens in that particular city, you can likely hear residents clapping, cheering, yelling and banging pots and pans from their balconies. 

Many of Canada's healthcare workers are likely too busy or tired to even hear the applause, but it's a worthy attempt at letting them know we appreciate their tireless and selfless work — now and always. 

In Montreal, police also sound their sirens and churches ring their bells in unison with the people.

It's a well-deserved thank you to the doctors, nurses and hospital employees who are putting themselves at risk every single day — with the added strain of limited resources — to keep the rest of us safe and healthy. 

It's also a heartening reminder that we're all in this together despite the fact that we have to be physically distant. 

It's an act of unity, humanity, empathy and gratitude — something we can certainly all use right now and something we'll likely never forget. 

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