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Fitness equipment for the home in huge demand as Canada self-isolates

It's no surprise that people are looking for ways to occupy their time during this period of partial lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Having some sort of routine and some quantifiable tasks to achieve each day play an integral part in maintaining a sense of normalcy (and sanity) in a time when life for most of us feels completely upended.

With most stores shuttered and people essentially confined to their homes, online shopping is on the rise — and given that gyms and other fitness studios are closed indefinitely, exercise equipment has become an extremely popular item in Canadians' virtual shopping carts.

Over the past month, Canadian retailers like The Running Room, Great Life Fitness Store, Treadmill Factory, Fitness Depot and Physical Assets have seen a surge in sales, with shoppers stocking up on everything from dumbbells and running shoes to big-ticket items like treadmills.

Some customers are even citing higher prices and sold-out products on online platforms like Amazon because people all over the world are stuck in self-isolation and have more time to focus on things like personal fitness at home.

Independent fitness enterprises like Precision Athletics and SPINCO are meeting increased demand by hosting classes online and even renting out equipment for in-home use.

The latter studio received 2,500 applications within the first three hours of its new stationary bike rental program, according to Retail Insider, which pairs with the spin classes users can now stream on-demand.

Many gyms are taking innovative approaches like these, with most offering free or paid online sessions, at the very least. Individual fitness instructors are also turning to platforms like Instagram Live to deliver classes to the masses and help people stay motivated to keep active.

For those who have been able to use their quarantine time to be productive in realms like physical fitness, kudos! And for the rest of us, simply surviving through this difficult time is still be something to be proud of. (Since we're not going to get much of a summer at this point, who needs a summer bod anyway.)

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