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This chart shows how provinces across Canada are flattening the curve

Canada is officially flattening the curve, and a new chart shows how each province is doing in the fight against COVID-19.

Global News tracked the growth trend of confirmed COVID-19 cases after each province reached 100 cases.

The flatter the line, the slower the growth in cases.

British Columbia has done a particularly remarkable job at flattening the curve; the growth in cases spikes exponentially at the beginning, then flattens dramatically.

Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also have impressively flat curves.

Alberta's curve is slightly less flat than B.C., but that could be because the province has one of the highest testing rates in Canada, carrying out more than 2,000 tests a day.

Quebec and Ontario continue to struggle to flatten their curves, although both provinces have a slower growth rate compared to last week; cases are now doubling every 11-14 days.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry attributes B.C.'s success in part to good timing — Quebec and Ontario's spring breaks occurred two weeks before B.C. schools were scheduled to let out, resulting in a higher number of international travellers in both provinces.

Henry also worked as the operational lead in Toronto during the SARS outbreak, which likely contributed to her swift response in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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