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Good samaritan who bought McDonald's for truck driver is making Canada tear up

Truck drivers are among the often unappreciated front-line essential workers who are keeping the world functioning right now. 

But despite being a part of the supply chain that is ensuring there are crucial goods in stores, truckers across the country are having trouble meeting their basic human needs on the road while businesses take extra precautions due to COVID-19.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is among those who have called for roadside businesses to keep facilities like washrooms open for bigrig drivers, who have very limited options for rest stops on long drives.

And now that eateries have closed their dining areas, if fast food restaurants don't offer a takeout option, there is no way for truckers to even grab a meal at the moment given that tractor trailers are unable to fit through drive-thrus.

For these reasons, one heartwarming story about a good samaritan who  bought a truck driver McDonald's has gone viral in Canada and beyond.

The original post from April 3 has garnered more than 17,000 shares, 15,000 reactions and more than 1,000 comments in just a matter of days, and has been shared across other Facebook pages, like Only in Canada.

In it, a woman recounts buying a truck driver some eats from McDonald's after witnessing him being denied access to the rest stop restaurant for food.

"I read somewhere to always keep a look out for our truckers being that they can't go thru drive thrus. I instantly got out of line and chased him down to tell him I would get him some food," she says in the post.

"He was the most precious soul and was so thankful, so the moral to my story is keep our truckers going be on the lookout for them trying to find food while they are delivering OUR FOOD."Reactions to the gesture have been equally touching, with people thanking both the woman and truck drivers around the world who are helping keep the public fed.

"From a trucker, I love this. Thank you 😊😌. We don't ask for much, but sometimes we all just need a little help. Right now, alot of us are under alot of stress. It's got hard for us to find food, places to park and supplies we need. Thank you for those who help, we appreciate it more than you know," one user said.

"Thanks to all the truck drivers who are transporting our food from one place to another to feed us. If it wasn't for them restaurants in the first place would have any business. So the point to this is that all restaurants need to help ALL TRUCKERS," another wrote.

In the midst of a terrifying global pandemic, good news stories like this are definitely not only uplifting to see, they're also needed more than ever.

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Nicole Speir

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