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Justin Trudeau says new gun control legislation in Canada is coming very soon

Canada's federal government is doing everything it can right now to implement stricter gun control regulations after a mass shooting left at least 19 people dead in Nova Scotia over the weekend.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated during his daily COVID-19 press conference on Tuesday that his administration is moving forward, as promised, with new laws aimed at restricting the use of firearms.

"Obviously we are all reeling from the tragedy in Nova Scotia and our focus right now is on supporting those families," he said of the Portapique tragedy when asked how soon Canadians could expect to see new gun control legislation passed.

"On gun control legislation, we made strong commitments to move forward with that rapidly," he continued. "We were on the verge of bringing it in before Parliament was suspended through COVID-19 and we're now looking at the right way and the right moment to bring it forward."

Trudeau did not say whether his government would wait until Parliament returns, or if a bill could be introduced into the new restricted version of Parliament immediately.

He did, however, say that he expects a ban on assault rifles to be among the first measures enacted when Parliament resumes.

"The legislation on the assault rifle ban was almost ready to go when Parliament suspended, so I expect that will be the first measure we bring forward," said the PM to reporters outside Rideau Cottage on Tuesday morning.

"Of course as we learn more about this terrible, terrible tragedy in Nova Scotia, we will keep reflecting on ways that we need to help Canadians stay safe in their communities and their homes across the country."

"The tragedy in Nova Scotia simply reinforces and underlines how important it is for us to continue to move forward on strengthening gun control in this country," continued Trudeau. "And we will do that at the appropriate time."

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