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Kids in Canada are creating the coolest things while stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis

Kids in Canada are getting resourceful during the COVID-19 crisis. They might be stuck at home learning math through a computer screen, but that hasn't stopped them from making some pretty cool things.

These Ontario kids proved that they definitely deserve an A+ in their construction class.

And this Canadian baseball player shared a video of his kids' impressive Rube Goldberg machine, which would make even the most talented mechanical engineer envious.

This budding fashion designer in Montreal spent some time sewing a scrub cap and mask for an emergency room doctor.

While this future Jedi in Quebec sacrificed some precious toilet paper to create a Rey-inspired costume for an epic lightsaber battle.

It's April Fools today, so these kids in Ontario got especially creative with their father's Cheerios.

While these kids in Ottawa kidnapped their mother's coffeemaker and devised a complex scavenger hunt to locate it.

Basically, kids in Canada are proving that self isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't have to be boring.

With a little creativity, anything is possible.

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John Axford

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