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People in Canada are changing wartime posters to capture the current crisis

Canadians are creating pandemic posters by altering real wartime ones, and the results are ridiculously creative.

On Friday, the Toronto Public Library put out a message asking Canadians to modify one of their 100+ wartime posters to "speak to the new historic moment we're in."

And so far, dozens of Canadians have risen to the challenge.

This 1941 poster initially had a large white elephant on it, reminding Canadians not to make superfluous purchases in wartime — but it's been given a toilet paper-inspired makeover.

This poster encouraging Canadians to enlist in the army was circulated in Toronto, circa 1914. Now, the poster has been updated to reflect Canada's new social distancing measures.

covid 19 poster

Toronto Public Library | Tyrannaceratops

This 1918 poster from Newfoundland initially read "Are your folks ashamed of you for not enlisting?" before it was altered to address the importance of hygeine.

covid 19 poster

Toronto Public Library | StetCW

This 1941 poster initially said "Keep these hands off! Buy the new victory bonds" before a creative Canadian got their hands on it (no pun intended).

covid 19 poster

Toronto Public Library | Desitos

This 1939 poster encourages Canadians to buy war savings certificates;  now, a Canadian has altered it to show Prime Minister Justin Trudeau handing out the CERB.

covid 19 poster

Toronto Public Library | Psyched Dionysus

This 1940 poster warned Canadians about spreading fake news during wartime. Now, a creative photoshopper has given it a hilarious, modern update about the perils of hydroxychloroquine.

covid 19 poster

Toronto Public Library | rulerdueler

The Toronto Public Library might be shut for the foreseeable future, but hopefully the institution continues to bring us more creative contests throughout the pandemic.

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