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Roots is now making super stylish face masks that help frontline workers

Pandemic or no pandemic, Roots is making face masks that are nice as hell.

The clothing retailer announced today that they've begun manufacturing face masks by hand out of their re-tooled leather factory in Toronto.

At Roots, we believe comfort is not only something that goes into making what we wear, it’s a feeling we hope to bring to people around the world—especially at times when they need it most. Made by us at our retooled Leather Factory in Toronto. For every face mask purchased, Roots will donate one medical grade face mask to a frontline healthcare worker. We’ve repurposed our manufacturing operations at our Leather Factory to make non-medical face masks by hand in Toronto. Our in-house design team worked closely with the makers at our Leather Factory to create a reusable mask design, with comfort and safety in mind, that could assist in the efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Watch our story to learn more about how we’re making masks, to do our part.

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The reusable face masks come in a variety of the brand's signature colours and styles, like its classic salt-and-pepper blend with detailing, and an assortment of solids.

And for each one purchased, the company will donate one medical grade face mask to a frontline healthcare worker.

"This mask is a washable and reusable non-medical mask, meant as an additional measure you can take to protect others around you, without needing to use medical masks that should be reserved for frontline workers," the website explains.

"The mask also has a slip pocket that can be fitted with a piece of filter material, including any kind of HEPA filter, which may improve effectiveness."

The masks start at $18 for solids and $22 for salt-and-pepper styles.

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