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Man caught on video spitting on elevator buttons in Vancouver condo building

A Vancouver man was caught spitting on elevator buttons in an apartment complex, and honestly, he can join the list of the worst people in Canada right now.

Marie Hui β€” who lives in the Olympic Village condo building β€” was "outraged" after she saw the video of an unidentified man getting on the elevator at P1, traveling up to the eighth floor, and then spitting on the buttons as he exits the elevator.

She posted the security footage to Twitter, writing, "This dirtbag spat on the elevator buttons in my apt building as he was getting off. Endangering me and my family, and everyone else in this building. Where else is he spitting?!"

Canadian health officials have continuously warned that COVID-19 is spread through water droplets expelled from the mouth and nose β€” a warning that even resulted in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's famous "speaking moistly" moment.

Fortunately, local enforcement officials are taking the matter seriously.

Vancouver police reached out to Hui on Twitter, encouraging her to report the incident.

However, as Hui pointed out to Global News, there really isn't much that the Vancouver police department can do.

"They said they don't have the rights to go up to the eighth floor and knock on everybody's door to try and find this guy," she said. "Apparently there's nothing criminally wrong with what he did."

Despite not facing any formal charges, the man apologized for the incident in a statement provided by his lawyer Richard Fowler on Sunday.

"I am horrified at my own actions which are reprehensible and inexcusable," the statement reads.

"I am employed, have never had any issues with law enforcement and am otherwise a good, law-abiding citizen. I can't explain my own actions in this situation."

The man says that he has no symptoms of COVID-19, and that he will make a "meaningful donation" to the strata council that will "more than cover the cost of the extra sanitation required."

He will also seek professional counselling.

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Marie Hui

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