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Trucker in Canada gets free meal and says it was the most heartwarming experience ever

The COVID-19 crisis is certainly having countless negative impacts on the lives of Canadians, but it's also giving people an excuse to be a little bit kinder than usual. 

One trucker named Patrick-Robin Maclean-Flaglor recounted his experience with genuine kindness on Facebook, and the story is sure to warm your heart. 

Maclean-Flaglor said he stopped at Petro Pass in Glenholme, Nova Scotia a few days ago just to use the bathroom and take a break. But when he entered the establishment, the owner asked if he was hungry.

The owner, whose name is Crystal, then told Maclean-Flaglor she's providing meals to truckers for no cost at all. 

free meal trucker petro pass

Maclean-Flaglor wrote on Facebook that she then presented him with a full turkey dinner, entirely free. 

"It was the most heart warming experience I have had being a trucker," he wrote. "It’s people like that, that makes being a trucker (within this pandemic) worth while."

According to Maclean-Flaglor, Crystal said anything else in the store was also free for truck drivers to take. 

He said other truckers were coming into the store and offering to donate money to the free meal initiative, but she simply wouldn't accept it

"I couldn’t thank her enough," he wrote. 

In his post, Maclean-Flaglor encouraged other truckers passing through the area to stop by, have a meal and show Crystal some well-deserved appreciation.

So while the pandemic is undoubtedly causing hardship for most if not all Canadian residents, it's worth mentioning that many are doing everything they can to make life a little easier for those who are putting themselves at risk for the greater good.

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