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These are the 10 most trusted brands in Canada right now

Sure, everyone in Canada loves a Timbit, but have you ever stopped to think about whether Tim Hortons can be trusted as a brand? A recent survey by Field Agent Canada asked 603 Canadians to consider it.

Each survey participant was asked to pick three brands in Canada that had gained their trust during the current crisis — and these were the results:

Lysol (23.1 per cent)

The cleaning product range has been on sale since 1889, but it's taken on celebrity status throughout the pandemic. In fact, Statistics Canada says that hand sanitizer sales have spiked by a whopping 639 per cent since March.

Costco (15.1 per cent)

The membership-only warehouses dissolved into chaos at the beginning of the pandemic, with lines stretching around the block. Costco has taken proactive steps since to implement social distancing in their stores, which could be part of the reason Canadians trust the brand so much.

McDonald's (11.6 per cent)

The fast-food chain was one of the first brands in Canada to switch to takeout and drive-thru only to encourage social distancing during the pandemic.

Walmart (10.9 per cent)

Walmart Canada has been so busy that it had to hire an additional 10,000 workers in March. The company also boosted employee salaries by $2 an hour.

Tim Hortons (9.1 per cent)

I mean, what Canadian doesn't love a double double? Canada's beloved coffee giant switched to drive-thru and takeout only early on, and its latest philanthropic treat — the Nova Scotia Stronger donut — is inspiring faith in the brand.

Superstore (9.0 per cent)

The Canadian supermarket chain showed compassion by changing their hours to give exhausted employees a well-deserved break, which likely inspired trust in Canadians.

Loblaws (8.5 per cent)

Like their sister chain Superstore, Loblaws installed Plexiglass barriers, introduced store capacity limits and implemented a number of social distancing measures early in the pandemic.

President's Choice (6.8 per cent)

The Canadian brand is a sister to Superstore and Loblaws, and it's implemented many of the same safety measures.

Clorox (5.6 per cent)

With household cleaner sales spiking by 164 per cent throughout the pandemic, it's no surprise that Clorox has become one of the most trusted brands these days.

Sobeys (5.6 per cent)

The Canadian grocery store is protecting customers by requiring employees to wash their hands every 15 minutes and wipe down carts. They also cancelled all product demos during the pandemic.

Speaking with Retail Insider, General Manager of Field Agent Canada Jeff Doucette pointed out that — apart from Lysol — the majority of brands that Canadians chose were within the retail and food industry.

He admits that he was "surprised" by the survey results, particularly Costco's position at number two.

"When you think about Costco, we've seen the lineups outside the stores," Doucette said. "We've seen the volumes there. But I think they've been really good at doing the social distancing and controlling the amount of items that people were stockpiling or trying to do that."

Doucette credits the top 10 brands' success to their strong supply chains, clear communication with customers and their concern for customer safety.

He also finds it interesting that Amazon didn't make the top 10.

"They're number 11 out of 14," he said. "But they're not number one. This shows me at the end of the day that brick and mortar retail is still very important to Canadians and they are brands that they trust."

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