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Walmart Canada struggling to keep up with grocery delivery demand and people are frustrated

Any company providing grocery delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly struggling with increased demand as many fear leaving their houses and going to the store, but it seems Walmart Canada customers are particularly frustrated with how the high demand has been handled.

Customers have been taking to social media lately to complain about deliveries being cancelled the same morning they were due to be delivered, and many are expressing just how frustrating this is when you're expecting much-needed food to be brought to your door.

"@WalmartCanada my grocery order placed a week ago for pickup today was confirmed then cancelled. No explanation given," one Twitter user wrote. "Your in-store associates noted that this has been happening often. Currently on hold with customer service line, which already hung up on me twice. Please advise."

Some have also complained that their orders were cancelled at the last minute, yet they were still charged for the purchase. 

And many are having trouble getting in touch with the company to request a refund. 

Walmart Canada has surely received countless complaints over the past few weeks, and the company addressed some of the issues in a video posted to Twitter several days ago. 

"First off, I want to tell you that we've heard you and we're working really hard and opening up more time slots, filling up our shelves and stocking them with the products you're looking for," says Jean Francois Proulx of Walmart Canada in the video.

"Over the past couple of weeks we've seen a huge demand for online grocery, and I'm proud to say that our team has increased the capacity 25 per cent every week so far. We will also be launching some new technology over the coming weeks that will allow for more time slots to become available all throughout the day for you."

In the video, Proulx also says the company is actively hiring and training new associates daily to be part of the grocery delivery service, and that online grocery is a huge priority right now.

Meanwhile, a letter from Walmart Canada President and CEO Horacio Barbeito posted to the company's website indicates that they plan to keep their stores open and their shelves stocked with food despite the demand.

"Pickup and delivery demand is high," the letter states "To help Canadians self-isolate, we’ve made changes to to allow grocery home deliveries to be left at their door."

Here's hoping all these improvements are implemented quickly, as many Canadians have no choice but to rely on online grocery delivery services in order to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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