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This is what Canadians have been doing with their time the last few weeks

Canadians are all in the same boat right now as the country continues to live in self-isolation during the pandemic, so some classic recreation hobbies and activities are coming back into the mix for many across the country.

A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute shows what kinds of things Canadians have been getting up to while in quarantine.

"Asked if there’s anything they are doing more of than normal since being isolated, streaming and cleaning are the two top choices, followed by calling friends and family and taking more walks," the survey reads.

The survey shows that "young people, those ages 18 to 34, are vastly more likely to be spending isolation streaming movies and TV shows, four-in-five (78%) are."

"While economic concerns are primary, another reality is facing Canadians during this unprecedented time," it continues. 

"Millions of residents are looking at considerable amounts of extra time in their day as they deal with reduced work or unemployment. With this in mind, the Angus Reid Institute asked Canadians about this new aspect of their lives. The results illuminate both positive and negative trends."

"Asked how they are occupying their time, many people report taking up sedentary activities such as streaming movies and television shows (63%), playing video games (33%) and reading (40%)."

isolation activities canada"That said, there are also more people going for walks (53%) or taking up extra exercise (26%) that they may not have previously had time for with their regular schedule intact. Below are the activities that Canadians report doing more than they were, pre-isolation."

Stress eating, watching Tiger King and discovering the joy of baking are all acceptable and shared experiences right now while the Canadian government continues to urge everyone to stay home and only leave when absolutely necessary.

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