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This is what last night's pink supermoon looked like across Canada

If you looked outside your window last night in search of any kind of distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are you were delighted to see a giant, bright full moon sitting high in the sky.

That's because last night's moon was a pink supermoon, also known as the biggest and brightest one we'll see all year. 

When the moon rose last night, on April 7, it was the closest to the earth it would ever be in 2020. It became full in the early hours of this morning. 

According to York University astronomy and physics professor Paul Delaney, at its closest point, the pink supermoon was 356,907 kilometres away from the earth. That may still sound far away, but it's slightly closer than the average of 384,400 km.

"Eight and a half hours after it reaches its closest point (perigee) to Earth, the full moon on April 8 will indeed appear to be the largest and brightest full Moon in 2020," Delaney said in a statement yesterday.

Photos of the moon from across Canada are certainly beautiful, but they're not quite as pink as you'd expect from the name.

That's because the pink moon is named after the pink wildflowers, creeping or moss phlox, that bloom each spring — and not for its actual colour.

Still, Tuesday night's moon was certainly a sight to see. 

And no matter where you are in Canada, chances are the moon above you was full, glowing and bright overnight — a welcome reminder that the world is fully of beauty even at the worst of times.

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