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30 workers at Purolator facility in Canada test positive for COVID-19

A Purolator distribution centre in Canada has seen a dramatic outbreak of COVID-19 where 30 employees have tested positive for the virus.

Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said that the company is working with them and public health to put "in place outbreak precautions, and supporting Alberta Health Services to offer testing to all employees" at the affected location, which is in Calgary.

Safety precautions on the site already include deep cleaning, contract tracing, physical distancing, hand sanitizer and PPE for employees, masks for staff and visitors, temperature checks and contactless delivery.

"It’s possible for the virus to survive on some surfaces and, on something like cardboard, for example, it can survive for about a day," said Dr. Hinshaw during a press conference on Monday. 

"That’s in controlled environments, so that wouldn’t take into account if something was outdoors, then that may inactivate the virus sooner."

Dr. Hinshaw noted that "there’s little evidence to suggest that there has been transfer of the virus over long distances or time from a package."

"Most of the environmental contamination and transfer has been when people are in the same space and there’s high-touch surfaces that people have been using."

She said that the best thing to do is practice good hygiene when receiving packages, such as disposing of the packaging and washing your hands immediately after.

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