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Here's what Air Canada's new COVID-19 health and safety measures look like

Air Canada is introducing a number of health and safety measures this week in a bid to prevent further spread of COVID-19, with at least six new measures coming into effect on May 15.

The airline's new CleanCare+ program will include mandatory health screening questions and pre-flight infrared temperature checks during the check-in process.

Employees and customers are required to wear face coverings both during the boarding process and on the plane.

Before passengers board, Air Canada crew will sanitize the entire plane, wiping down tray tables, overhead bins, seat belts and buckles, cabin windows, and air circulation controls.

The airline will also start using an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer during the cleaning process, which distributes chemicals more evenly than a rag.

Once on the plane, Economy passengers will find that all adjacent seats are blocked to allow for more personal space. Passengers will also be offered disposable Customer Care Kits that include hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

Air Canada has recently faced backlash for overcrowding their planes, so hopefully, these new measures allow for more social distancing — and a safer journey.

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Ethan McArthur

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