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A man in Canada found a bear on his roof and it's such a Canadian problem

Canada: a country of free healthcare, poutine, and super chilled bears that decide to live on your roof.

On Friday, a Whistler resident was surprised to find that a bear had taken up residence on top of his house, happily munching on grass as he ignored Canada's social distancing rules.

Hassan Al Kontar — a Syrian refugee that made global headlines after being stranded in a Malaysian airport for eight months — shared a series of videos to Facebook featuring his unexpected guest, who he nicknamed "Palo."

"Not the kind of visitors I was expecting for today," he says in the first video. "Please don't jump. Please don't eat me."

On Saturday morning, Kontar was surprised to find that Palo was still on his roof.

Assuming that Palo  was stuck, Kontar decided to call for help from the authorities — but not before treating his new guest to a rousing rendition of "Hello" by Adele.

Kontar shared a final update on Saturday evening.

Apparently, Palo wasn't stuck at all; the bear disappeared for three to four hours before returning to Kontar's roof, making it pretty clear that he was planning to stick around.

"So, this is the kind of problems that we are facing in Canada," Kontar says in the final update. "People, they normally have dogs and cats to pet. I have a bear on my roof."

Kontar's unexpected guest is becoming a minor celebrity on Facebook, with dozens of Canadians commenting on the humorous incident.

"You have a bear on your roof? He has a human in his territory!" one person wrote.

"Does he get the B.C. renters grant?" another person wrote.

Canadian cities are seeing more wildlife wandering the streets as more people stay home, with one brave bear in Revelstoke even taking a dip in a resident's hot tub.

No word yet on whether Palo will have to pay rent.

Lead photo by

Hassan Al Kontar

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