bear in barrhaven

A black bear was spotted in Ottawa today and locals are totally shook

Save all your "nature is healing" quips for cute little foxes under boardwalks and sarcastic video captions — nature is mighty and powerful and it's not a force to be reckoned with.

In some cases, like when huge bears go strolling around urban parking lots, nature can be terrifying (or should I say BEARifying! Hahaha.)

A black bear was spotted on Thursday in Ottawa, Ontario, checking out a Park and Ride near Fallowfield Park in the suburban neighbourhood of Barrhaven.

A brief video clip of the bear's escapade was posted to a Facebook group called Barrhaven Moms earlier today by a local resident named Tia Tso, who witnessed the animal with her own eyes.

"Bear at Fallowfied Park and Ride!" wrote Tso in the caption of her post, which was screenshotted and shared widely around the community via social media.

Before long, the bear had its own Twitter account. How very 2014!

According to local newspaper the Barrhaven Independent, a black bear was last reported in the area roughly five years ago. Two black bears were spotted roaming around a golf course in June 2015.

It is not known what happened to that bear, but he did get up to some delightful hijinks during his trip to the city, including crashing a birthday party and getting hit in the butt by a golf ball.

It is not yet known what happened to the bear seen in Barrhaven today, but members of the Facebook group in which the video was first published say they reported the sighting to police (or should I say PAW-lice?... Maybe not.)

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Barrhaven Guy

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