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People in Canada are bonding with neighbours in such creative ways

If there's one good thing to come out of this pandemic, it's that people in Canada are getting to know their neighbours super well — and Canadians are coming up with some impressive ways to connect with them.

Take these neighbours in Peterborough, Ont., for example, who came up with a pretty ingenious way to share a few beers.

Outdoor patios may not be fully operational everywhere in Canada yet, but this "fence bar" looks like the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon catching up.

And they're not the only ones to come up with the brilliant idea; these neighbours in Regina, Sask. also decided that their fence could use a makeover.

This small cafe in Mirror, Alta. transformed into a drive-in movie theatre during the pandemic so the community could gather to enjoy a few flicks together at a safe distance.

The Whistle Stop Cafe offers a new movie every night for free at about 10:00 p.m, and the sound is broadcast through a local radio channel so people can listen in their cars.

This community in Calgary organized a parade on Saturday where families could gather in front of their homes and cheer as colourfully decorated cars drove by.

The Evanston neighbourhood previously organized a neighbourhood-wide safari, where kids missing the Calgary Zoo could spy cut-outs of giraffes and monkeys from a safe distance.

This Vancouver woman is proving that Canadians do get into fights with their neighbours sometimes — but only over who can leave each other the biggest loaf of fresh bread.

While this cellist in Calgary held a curbside concert for his neighbours across the street.

And they weren't the only community in Canada to enjoy some impromptu music; this neighbourhood in Lethbridge, Alta. also held a fun Caribbean driveway concert.

While this bike rental shop in Calgary decided to perform a spontaneous concert for neighbours on its "COVID Caravan."

And it isn't just humans getting in on the fun: the canine community in Calgary was treated to 36 tennis balls, which a thoughtful neighbour left at a local park for them to enjoy.

Basically, Canadian neighbours are the best sort to have.

So even though provinces are starting to reopen and we'll all hopefully be seeing new faces soon, there's always time for one more beer at the fence bar. Pass the Kokanee, eh?

Lead photo by

Marty Silvestri

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