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Canadian cities lag in world rankings for best positioned to deal with the post-COVID economy

Canada's economy has taken a massive hit in recent months; with stores shutting down for two months and the job market taking a turn for the worst, and many are wondering how we'll bounce back once this is all over.

A new study tries to make sense of it all.

England-based online platform FutureLearn has released a study that says Canada cities lag behind other major cities in the world in their ability to successfully navigate the post-COVID economy.

The study combines pre-pandemic data examining the best cities for jobs in 2020 with the current unemployment rate.

It also factors in the government's response to COVID-19 (e.g. financial programs available for individuals and businesses), healthcare spending, the cost of living, average disposable income, and gender equality.

Calgary claimed the top spot for cities in Canada, ranking at number 38, which perhaps isn't that surprising, given that Alberta has reopened the most businesses out of every province so far.

Other Canadian cities that ranked include:

  • Ottawa (40)
  • Vancouver (53)
  • Toronto (54)
  • Montreal (58)
  • Quebec (70)

Singapore, Copenhagen and Helsinki claimed the top spots overall in the study. Here's how the top 10 cities ranked:

  1. Singapore
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Helsinki
  4. Oslo
  5. Dubai
  6. Gothenburg
  7. Malmo
  8. San Francisco
  9. Munich
  10. Geneva

FutureLearn says that the study aims to determine which cities "are most attractive to top professional talent."

"The final index paints a picture of those cities which not only excelled in job offerings pre-coronavirus, but also those where the response to the pandemic has meant that their economy can continue to thrive in these uncertain times," the study says.

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