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Canada geese and their adorable goslings keep being spotted across the country

It's springtime in Canada, and that means Canada geese across the country are migrating home, laying eggs and hatching their adorable, fluffy goslings. 

The birds are native to Canada, which is made evident by their name, and most of them fly south each fall and return home to the Great White North in spring.

There are a few exceptions, however, as some flocks have taken up permanent residence on Vancouver Island and in British Columbia's Lower Mainland. 

Still, for the most part, the seven subspecies of this bird travel far and wide to be where the warmth is. 

And now that it's May, Canada is once again a comfortable home for the birds and their newborn babies. 

Canada geese mate during the second year of their lives and they typically remain monogamous until they die. Female birds usually lay an average of five eggs, and both parents protect the nest while the eggs incubate. 

And when the goslings finally hatch from their eggs, they're immediately capable of walking, swimming and finding food.

Parents will typically lead their newborns in a line to find water to learn how to swim, and photos of these neat lineups have been circulating all over social media in recent days. 

Photos and videos have emerged of geese and their goslings from British Columbia to Ontario, and everywhere in between. 

Goslings at Lost Lagoon are hatched! from r/vancouver

One video shows people and police officers adorably leading a group of goslings and their mother down to the water safely through a busy intersection. 

And some cities are even using Canada geese to help ensure proper social distancing amid the pandemic.

According to American Expedition, goslings are known to be extra impressionable and follow anything they may think to be their mother. In the past, adorable photos have been captured of baby geese following dogs, ducks and sometimes even people. 

But despite the irresistible cuteness, Canadians should remember to admire Canada geese and their goslings from afar. 

They are wild animals after all, and we all know the positive effects of  leaving wildlife alone to thrive without human intervention

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