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This 101-year-old veteran in Canada is walking 101 laps for charity

We might all be watching Netflix and baking sourdough during lockdown, but this 101-year-old veteran in Canada is putting us all to shame by walking 101 laps around his retirement home for charity.

John Hillman has pledged to walk five laps a day around Carlton House, his retirement home in Victoria, B.C.'s Oak Bay neighbourhood.

The World War II veteran hopes to raise $101,000 for Save the Children Canada's Emergency COVID Relief Fund.

Hillman completed his fifteenth lap on Wednesday, and he's already raised over $60,000 for charity to date.

The veteran says he was inspired by his fellow comrade-in-arms, Captain Tom Moore of England, a 100-year-old who completed 100 laps in his garden to raise millions for the U.K.'s National Health Service. ⁠

"I thought, 'Well, I'm 101 and I've served a very full and eventful life,'" Hillman told the CBC. "And it's about time now that we are looking at the young youngsters coming up."

Hillman has already garnered a small group of fans, including Molson Coors, who dropped off some "celebratory beers" for him at Carlton House on Wednesday.

The Oak Bay Police also stopped by the retirement home to cheer Hillman on as he completed his laps.

Hillman was originally born in South Wales, U.K. in 1919 before moving to Canada with Irene, his wife of 78 years. Hillman and his wife have made Victoria their home since 1999. She now resides nearby in Glengarry Hospital.

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